Kim Heechul Reveals Why IU Decided to Show Leniency Toward Her Rumor Instigator

On October 17, JTBC‘s “War of Words” hosted a special segment titled, “Celebrities Declaring War on Malicious Rumor Instigators.”  

Park Ji Yoon began by saying, “Singer Baek Ji Young has recently decided to assume a tough stance on netizens who left hateful remarks on online forums and announced that she will ‘not be showing leniency.’ On the other hand, singer IU started off with the intent to take decisive legal action against her malicious rumor instigator, but instead settled for a more lenient punishment.” 

Super Junior member Kim Heechul added his input to the discussion saying, “I asked IU myself why she decided to be lenient with her malicious rumor instigator. She told me, ‘Oppa, I really wanted to see it through until the end, but my company and my elders told me that since it was his first offense, we should just let it go’.”

He continued, “I asked her if it would be alright to talk about this on ‘War of Words’ and she said, ‘Of course it’s alright oppa, it’s that kind of program. I wouldn’t want you to end up being criticized for trying to look out for me, like when you protected Sulli.” 

As soon as Kim Heechul finished talking, Heo Ji Woong joked, “We should really create a segment or special corner for you on the show about idols news, something along the lines of ‘The People Kim Heechul has met.'” 

In related news, IU’s wedding and pregnancy rumor instigator was caught and given 200 hours of community service. 

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