7 Things I Learned from “The Heirs” This Week – Episodes 3 & 4

Now that you’ve gotten an introduction to the story (well somewhat, I know there’s a lead character that hasn’t shown up yet), it’s time to talk about the most recent episodes of The Heirs. Since I have already talked about the must watch scenes from the first two episodes, shall I just talk about what I’ve learned in episodes 3 and 4 so far? Starting from this post, I’ll ask a question and possibly post one of your answers in my next post. On to the goodies (and they are wonderful)…

1. The Kim Family Has Some Serious Issues

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This is putting it lightly. In case you haven’t had time (or energy) to read up on the characters and their relationships, especially in the Kim family let give you the simple edition. As you know Won and Tan are half brothers, they share a father. Won’s mom was Daddy Kim (as I will now call him)’s first wife and she died. Daddy Kim remarried Ji Sook and had Tan from an affair Han Ki Ae. Ji Sook, in a form of revenge, found Ki Ae, moved her in and registered Tan under her name. The only ones who know about this secret are those who live in the house, the outside world thinks Tan is Ji Sook’s son and she receives compliments for ‘having a child so late in life’. What have I learned about them? Ki Ae walks on eggshells around Won and in turn she bickers with Ji Sook every time she comes by (Ji Sook has moved out and Ki Ae shares a room with Daddy Kim). Ji Sook is (obviously) waiting on Daddy Kim to croak so she can take over the company and take back what he took from her. Daddy Kim never hugged Tan because he says he didn’t want to upset Won. Well if I randomly saw a son from an affair show up and saw my dad to seemingly favor him then I’d be pretty upset, too. Last, but certainly not least. Daddy Kim really needs to learn how to manage his relationships better, dude has some serious women problems. 

2. Rachel Isn’t That Bad…Really

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Okay, okay I know you must be thinking I have lost my mind, but just hear me out before bashing me. Yes, Rachel Yoo is a mean and extremely arrogant person who doesn’t give those she deems beneath her the time of day, but she has a heart deep down underneath that very icy exterior. Looking at her mother, Esher, and getting an insight to her mind we can see why Rachel is so mean. I know having a cold mother isn’t always an excuse, but we can clearly see she wants to be loved by someone. When Tan called to Eun Sang while she was hugging him just gave her a huge blow. Even arguing with Young Do, you can just feel her loneliness especially when he makes that remark about the tiger really not being a tiger and that being the reason why he left. It’s just some random words unless you know what he means and Rachel obviously feels odd not knowing what her future stepbro means.

3. Chan Young and Bo Na Are Just The Cutest

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We didn’t get a lot of YoungNa or ChanBo (whatever couple name you decide to give them) this week, but they still managed to bring all the cuteness. Episode 3 had Chan Young in LA with Eun Sang and just because he wanted to, he uploaded a picture of him and his bestie on his SNS and told Eun Sang to count to three. What will happen? Bo Na calls him in exactly 3 seconds after the picture was posted and he just smiles saying “Isn’t she cute?” Of course Eun Sang isn’t impressed, who else besides Chan Young would? *raises hand slowly* That didn’t get satisfy you? Well while Bo Na is running around looking for her father, her loving boyfriend scolds her for talking to another guy (more on this guy later) and they ‘fight’ over who missed who most. Chan Young wins and pulls her in for a hug saying they’ll do everything together from now on. I also love how close she is with his dad and they both cook for her. He even finds it cute that she pretends not to know who Tan is, even though he found out they dated while he was in LA through Rachel, though I have a feeling he already knew that.

4. Eun Sang Is A Serious Multitasker

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Since Eun Sang’s mom gave their apartment deposit money to her older sister, Eun Suk, they are forced to move in with the Kim’s so Mom can be a live-in housekeeper. Mom also blackmails Ki Ae into letting her stay there in turn for her not telling Ji Sook she has someone following her around. Our heroine is forced to wake up at the crack of dawn because the house is in a very tense mood due to Tan’s return and Won’s refusal to come home. Daddy Kim is in a bad mood so Ki Ae isn’t happy. A very sleepy Eun Sang walks past Myung Soo outside and somehow drinks a soda down in one gulp then lays her head on a table outside..all with Young Do watching her. Even with crying kids next to her, she gets up (eyes closed and all) and walks away not noticing anyone. 

5. Heechul Is Just Hilarious

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I admit that I already knew this, are you following him on Instagram? But his appearance was such a surprise and his interaction with his hoobaes and Bo Na was like the icing on the cake in episode 4. Who else caught on how he asked her who was a better MC out of him and Kyuhyun? This little scene was just the right amount of comedy to me. Isn’t he suppose to be here for 4 episodes? I wonder what deal he had with Kim Eun Sook since he briefly mentioned a promise he had with her

6. Hide and Seek Has A Whole New Meaning

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Eun Sang and her mother move into the Kim household, and for I don’t know how many daysTan continues to see her back and all she knows is that the second son comes home. While he walks into a room, he sees her walking into another without him seeing her face every time. Eventually he puts two and two together: I’m seeing Mom wearing her I <3 California t-shirt and his mother mispronouncing her name *ahem* Cha Eun Sung? He messages her..as herself through her SNS and she says she’s drinking water. He runs downstairs and see her in his kitchen..drinking water.

6. Something Happened Between Esther and Secretary Yoon

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Did you see this interaction? Secretary Yoon has tensed up at the sound of Esther’s or her company’s name, so we know they have a past. Seeing her tell him that him that it wasn’t him 20 years ago and even today it’s not him. Say what? Then she says that her heart still races when she sees him. His response? He hopes it continues that way once she gets married. 

Here is my question for you guys: What do you think will happen now that Tan knows Eun Sang is staying in his house? Will he tell her he knows or will he just let it go? Let us know in the comments below, and come visit us at the Official Soompi The Heirs Thread.

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