Infinity Challenge's Music Festival Opens to 35,000 People

Infinity Challenge’s” members held a successful music festival in front of a crowd of 35,000.

On October 17, MBC’s “Infinity Challenge’s” music festival opened at the city of Paju’s Peaceful World Park in Im Jin Gak. Despite the production staffs’ efforts to maintain the secrecy of the location, the music festival’s location was leaked to the public causing 35,000 people to attend the music concert. The relaxed, but enthusiastic atmosphere and the crowd sitting around the grass made the music festival like any other rock festival. The performances continued through the energetic mood of the festival.

On this night, the teams “Double Play” (Jung Joon Ha and Kim C), “Hyung Yong Don Jyong(Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon), “How Do Yoo Two” (Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol), “Leech” (Park Myung Soo and Primary), “Rose Jaw” (Noh Hong Chul and Rose Inn), “Seventy Fingers,” (Haha and Jang Gi Ha and The Faces), and “GAB” (Gil and BoA) revealed eccentric performances of the songs they have worked on.

The first stage was Jung Joon Ha’s and Kim C’s team, “Double Play.” Their collaborative song, “Going to Disappear,” featured Rapper Beenzino.

Jung Hyung Don’s and G-Dragon’s “Hyung Yong Don Jyong” exhibited a stage filled with cheerful rhythm and a flashy performance through their song, “Going to Try.” The stage lifted up the atmosphere even more, and hip hop artist Def Con’s special appearance brought about laughter amongst the crowd.

Throwing away a dance performance, Yoo Jae Suk and “Emotional Pervert” Yoo Hee Yeol changed the mood through their R&B performance.  Their performance and style reminded many people of the 90’s group, Solid.

“Leech’s” team members Park Myung Soo and Primary showed off their lively hip hop song, “I Got C,” with special guest Gaeko of Dynamic Duo to help heighten the perfection of the performance.

Singing “Call Me Oppa,” Noh Hong Chul’s and group Rose Inn’s team “Rose Jaw” caused the crowd to join in on the group’s powerful stage. “Rose Jaw’s” song caused the crowd the cheer the word “Oppa.”

Haha and group Jang Gi Ha and The Faces displayed their stage manner through their team “Seventy Fingers’” warm and passionate performance. Seventy Fingers showed their professionalism amid the cold weather, as the group poured water on their faces during their eccentric performance of their song “Super Job-Cho Man.”

Lastly, as GAB performed last, both Gil and BoA performed a flashy dance that differentiated their stage with the rest.

At the end, all seven teams came together on stage and sang one last song together. The last song, produced by Yoo Hee Yeol, was a song that reflected the feelings of “Infinity Challenge’s” last eight years as each member of the show composed a verse.

On another note, although the temperature for the night was close to below zero, 35,000 people came together to watch the music festival. This year’s music festival was “Infinity Challenge’s” fourth music festival since the show started to air a music festival every two years starting from 2009.

The broadcast of “Infinity Challenge’s” music festival will be aired on October 26, and the audio of each team’s produced music plans to be released immediately after the broadcast. The proceeds made from the music sales plan to be donated to a charity.

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