f(x) Members Amber And Victoria Greet Fans on the Flight to Beijing

f(x) leader Victoria shared an adorable photo taken with fellow member Amber on the flight to Beijing, China. 

On October 18, Victoria greeted fans through her Weibo account by uploading a photo captioned, “We’ll see you in Beijing!”

In the photo, the two f(x) members appear to have just been seated on their flight. Victoria looks celebrity chic with side-swept bangs, a knit sweater and sunglasses, while Amber makes an adorable open-mouthed expression beside her. 

Netizens commented, “I can’t wait to see you girls in Beijing!” and “Amber and Victoria seem like they’re really close friends.” 

The girls flew to Beijing in order to perform with other artists as part of their “SMTown Live World Tour III” on October 19. They will perform in the Beijing National Stadium which is usually reserved for China’s biggest stars.