K.Will’s Comeback Ends IU’s Reign on Music Charts

Singer K.Will ended IU’s music chart reign by ranking first on music charts!

As of October 19, K.Will’s new song, “You Don’t Know Love,” ranked first on the seven main music charts. Released on October 18, K.Will’s comeback song involves an acoustic modern R&B style to accentuate the singer’s signature soft voice though the soft groove and retro R&B rhythm.

k.will will in fall

Also,  before its release, “You Don’t Know Love” raised attention for its collaboration between K.Will and popular producers Duble Kick. In addition to the collaboration, the music video also gained attention after it was revealed that the music video would star EXO’s Chanyeol and rookie model Lee Ho Jung.

K.Will made his official comeback on October 18 with the release of his mini album, “Will In Fall.”