Park Ji Yoon is 30 and Still Able To Flaunt Flawless Skin

Singer Park Ji Yoon revealed her flawless skin through a close up photo.

On October 19, the singer posted on her Instagram a selca as she was preparing for her comeback. In the picture, Park Ji Yoon displayed a bare face without any makeup, revealing her radiating beauty. Although posing with dolls, the singer’s doll-like face shines through the dark setting. Although she is a veteran singer, she looks youthful enough to compete with the current day idols. 

park ji yoon instagram 2

On October 18, Park Ji Yoon revealed the music video for Mr. Lee, and plans to officially release the music on October 21, marking the start of her promotions. You can watch the music video here and all the Mr. Lees that make an appearance. She also took another photo with fellow label mate and pretty girls, Lim Kim