T-ara’s Injured Ji Yeon Will Continue Performing

T-ara’s Ji Yeon was recently diagnosed with knee synovitis, an inflammation of the lining of the joint, but her agency has revealed that she is determined to return to the stage, while receiving treatment for her knee.

A representative for T-ara told OSEN on October 19 that, “Ji Yeon received physiotherapy yesterday as well. She is on pain medication and will continue to receive treatment regularly. Ji Yeon will continue to appear on music programs and carry out her schedule as planned.”

The representative added, “Ji Yeon herself wants to get back on stage. Today she received an injection and went back to perform with the group. Thankfully, Ji Yeon doesn’t have to move around a lot for ‘No. 9’ so there is less chance of her overexerting herself.”

Ji Yeon complained of knee pain on October 17 and received the knee synovitis diagnosis from a nearby hospital.