[Recap] Don’t Cross the Line – We Got Married 10.19.13

This week on “We Got Married,” Taemin makes Son Na Eun cry for a really stupid reason, Jung Joon Young teaches Jung Yoo Mi how to ride a skateboard, and Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon using cleaning as an excuse to get closer to each other.

Don’t cross the line– This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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Sigh. Sigh. SIGH.

How do I even begin this recap. If you’re one of my favorite people and following me on Twitter, then you would know that this episode greatly upset me. If I had written this recap immediately after watching it, this post would have been full of key smashes and rants bout the double standards that are too prominent in societal relationships in Korean culture. Luckily, these recaps take time to make and while I was putting the screen caps together, I managed to calm myself down to write in a restrained manner. So now, instead of being furious, I’m just annoyed and I don’t let it go as easily as Son Na Eun.

So Taemin and Na Eun go on a date in an artsy area that is popular with couples. Right away, Taemin is acting weird. When Na Eun apologizes that she forgot to wear their couple t-shirt, he brushes it off like it doesn’t matter. Na Eun does notice that there is something aloof, but doesn’t really say anything.

The couple goes into a special ceramics store that makes molds of hands holding each other. It is something very couple-y, so of course they are going to do it. While they wait for the clay to dry, they decide to do some exploring while their hands are locked together.


Right, I’m on Soompi so I can’t say certain words but throughout the whole time they’re at this neat toy store Taemin is acting like a little beach. He whines and complains about little things, and generally makes the entire experience unpleasant. He acts like it’s such a bother to be with Na Eun and even goes as far as to smash the clay mold. Because of the interviews we know that Taemin has this grand plan to be a douche to make Na Eun cry. Why? Because he wants to see her cry. Why? Because Na Eun is the type to hold back on her emotions.

Mind you, this is right after Na Eun carefully revealed how much she likes Taemin. It was difficult for her to do, and it was a big deal for her, but she did it. Na Eun has no idea at the time, and she’s just getting her feelings hurt. In the interviews she talks about how she felt like Taemin didn’t like her anymore and how she wondered if Taemin decided to change because she revealed her feelings for him.

To make things worse, Taemin keeps asking her why she is angry and then acting like he doesn’t understand. Just watching it is frustrating, I can’t imagine how Na Eun must have really felt.


It gets to the point where Na Eun is so angry and hurt that she bows her head to hide her tears. Just when it could not get anymore uncomfortable, surprise! It was all a joke! Ha ha ha. I don’t really hate holding hands with you. I did this for you. I did this so you can show more emotion. I wanted to see what it would be like to have you mad at me. Isn’t this funny?


This was not funny. This was mean and manipulative. I highly doubt that this was Taemin’s original idea (I’m looking at you producers), but boy ,was he unlikeable in this episode. It is not okay to treat someone like crap just because you want to see them cry. What made me even more mad was how Taemin said that this was for Na Eun, how cute she was, and how he had no regrets about doing it. It’s pretty sadistic to enjoy watching someone cry because they’ve been hurt. It sucks for Na Eun because when she finds out he’s been joking the whole time, she can’t properly express her anger at him because there are cameras everywhere.

I could go on and on about how much I didn’t like this part or how real Korean guys do stuff like this and think it’s acceptable. I was just glad when their segment was over. I’m getting worried though, I used to love Taemin (I adored him on “Hello Baby”) but with every episode I’m liking him less and less. I hope there aren’t a lot of people who feels the way I do.


Thank God for the Jung couple. I just want to watch this couple bicker and forget all about the mess I just saw. Luckily for me, the Jungs delivered. The couple is still at Lake Park (I’m going there tomorrow!) and it’s time for Jung Joon Young to teach Jung Yoo Mi how to ride a skateboard. The couple gets all decked out in their safety gear, including a butt cushion. I have never seen a butt cushion before, but it sounds perfect for a clumsy person like me.

Unlike their guitar lesson, Jung Joon Young is actually not that good at skateboarding so his teaching seems a little lacking. However, the couple does look like they had fun and Yoo Mi might be a natural. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few weeks she’ll be the one teaching him a few tricks.


The couple goes to a food tent to eat some really delicious looking noodles. I watch this show at night and at the end of it, I’m always fighting the temptation to get a late night snack. They take the time to talk about how their friends reacted to this virtual marriage. Yoo Mi tries get Joon Young to eat more food, because he does look really skinny. Eat, dude, eat.

It’s also cute how naturally the two call each other by their nicknames: Poca and Guri. It fits them really well.


The conversation is pretty tame in the beginning but the couple finishes off a bottle of soju together. You didn’t hear this from me, but if a Korean person is acting boring, bust out the alcohol and you will have some entertainment in no time. The two starts to get a little silly but also a little more honest. It turns out that as cocky as Joon Young acts, he has a hard time accepting genuine compliments. Meanwhile, Yoo Mi shares about how much fun she had that day and how funny her husband is. When the two start talking about their passions (music and acting) they seem more real, more human, and thus somehow much more likable. I think it’s great that Yoo Mi enjoys acting because it allows her to experience things she could never do in real life and that Joon Young didn’t want to be just a singer, he wanted to be a rock star.

This is a virtual marriage but I hope that real friendship blossoms from this couple because both seem like people I would like to be friends with.


Watching this couple (YoonYeon? SoHan?) is like watching a sappy drama. They can’t just clean the windows, they have to write out secret messages. They can’t just clean the yard, they have to chase each other around with a hose. I’m not complaining, it’s nice to watch.

Yoon Han talks about how So Yeon looks like a cartoon character (like Puss in Boots) when she’s embarrassed or feeling shy. I found that kind of funny because I think Yoon Han looks like a cartoon character too. If they really do get married in real life and reproduce, their kids are going to come into the world with sparkles in their ginormous eyes.

After spending the day cleaning the house, So Yeon asks Yoon Han to do push ups for him. Poor guy, he looked really tired and his end push ups looked a little compromised.


It’s time for dinner and So Yeon remembered that she promised to make her husband tofu soup. While she is making it (with shaky hands) Yoon Han asks if she has ever cooked for another man before. What is it with this question? Why does it matter so much?Anyway, when she honestly replied that she she has, Yoon Han spends one second pouting and then makes her promise that he’ll be the last man she cooks tofu soup for.

During dinner Yoon Han brings out questions (like the way So Yeon did on their first date) and they talk about more serious marriage things like living with the in-laws. Yoon Han has weird artsy scribbly hand writing. Just saying. They talk about their parents’ first reaction to the show, and So Yeon brings up Yoon Han’s player image. Ha, I’m glad it was brought up. Notice how he doesn’t deny it? See, that’s what bothers me about him. He acts like he’s too good to be true. Can we trust out sweet So Yeon to him? Can we?


After dinner they take a picture together (I am totally going to look for that angel wing design now). So Yeon shows Yoon Han that she put his phone number under “Husband” but is disappointed when she finds out Yoon Han is just using her name. That didn’t really help Yoon Han’s player image, but he quickly changes it to “Wife.” The doorbell rings the this couple receives an invitation to the Busan Film Festival to walk the red couple as a couple. Some of you have posted photos in the comments before, and I’m excited to see the couple all glammed up.

A few days ago So Yeon also tweeted a photo of the couple with some of her actor friends so we’ll be seeing them in future episodes too. The previews also shows that the Jung couple will shoot a music video together. Did anyone catch that it was the ending music video for the show?

That’s all for this recap! How do you feel about what Taemin did? Leave a comment below and as always, talk to Noona! Follow her on Twitter