“WIN” Team B Reveals Their Abdominal Muscles & Final Battle Poster

The October 18 9th episode broadcast of “WHO IS NEXT: WIN” showed us Team A and Team B preparing for the third battle. Last week, each team received a black envelope containing different missions: self-composing a song, dance and rearranging a song. They will have to perform a total of three songs.

The Team B members gathered in the gym to decide who would be the one to pull off the fanciest moves. The members each ripped their shirts, revealing their bodies in turn to decide who would be in charge of the shirt-ripping during their dance performance. Team B’s B.I and Kim Jin Hwan teased, “You’ll see who rips their shirt when you watch the broadcast.”


The boys of Team B all had well-built bodies, and all eyes were on their chocolate abs.

The members from Team A and Team B gathered together for a barbecuing session and revealed their honest first impressions of one another.

After the meat party was over, the members did their individual interviews. Team A’s leader Kang Seung Yoon shed a few tears, recognizing that the future was one where each team would have different destinies. “I don’t think I’ll feel good even if we win.” “The Team B members aren’t even attending school. Instead, they’ve immersed themselves with practicing, staying up all night and shedding blood and sweat.” He added that he didn’t like the fact that only one team would make it, even though he would like it to be Team A. He also stated that he understood very well how much hardship all the members had been through.

All the members had complicated thoughts on the matter, expressing their honest feelings that they wanted to win despite feeling torn.

Team B’s leader B.I showed his determination and charisma, resolutely stating, “I don’t know about the others but because I’m the leader, there is no way my team will lose. I will need to stay level-headed.”

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk had this to say, “I am sorry to all of you. For the last 10 weeks, you haven’t been able to sleep properly, putting your best efforts into winning. It’s regrettable but the losing team will have their debut put off. You must be exhausted but I hope you can think of this as an important experience even if you win or lose.”

“WIN” is a reality survival program to decide YG Entertainment’s next generation boy group, by dividing the 11 trainees into Teams A and B and forcing them to engage in battle with one another.

Team A is made up of Kang Seung Yoon of Mnet’s “Superstar K2” fame and who recently debuted as a solo artist, Lee Seung Hoon of SBS’s “Kpop Star”, leader Song Min Ho, YG’s most senior trainee Kim Jin Woo, and youngest member, Nam Tae Hyun. Team B comprises leader B.I, who as a child rapped in MC Mong’s “Indian Boy,” Gu Joon Hee of “Kpop Star,” eldest Kim Jin Hwan, mood maker Bobby, “mom’s friend’s son” Song Yoon Hyung, and hardworking vocalist, Kim Dong Hyuk.

Team A won the first and second round of voting by a narrow margin, so there has been heated response as the third round of voting will be the most important and decisive round.

Final voting for the third and last battle will be held during the live broadcast on October 25. Text messaging will take up 60% of the third round of voting, Daum website 20%, Kakao Talk and Kakao Game “Fantasy Runners for Kakao” 20%. Voting by text messaging will be possible soon as the live broadcast begins.

“WIN” is aired every Friday on Mnet at 10:00 PM and on tvN at 11:20 PM. Viewers are able to catch the live broadcast, replays as well as behind-the-scenes videos on the Daum Mobile App. 

WIN Team B Boys Ripping Their Shirts Off WIN Final Battle poster

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