IU’s Refreshingly Honest Response to Shaving Armpits Makes Her That Much More Irresistible

Let’s be honest ladies, when we’re busy with work, school or projects- no one has time to pick up that razor. When beloved singer IU didn’t hesitate to confirm this universal fact on television with a refreshing dose of candidness, it most certainly earned her plenty of brownie points from female viewers. 

On October 19, IU made an appearance on MBC‘s “Sebakwi” as a special MC.

On the broadcast, actress Jo Hye Ryun‘s tiny living space was revealed. However, instead of the fascinating “peanut-sized” home, it was the men’s razor in the bathroom that stole the spotlight. At the sight of it, Jung Joo Ri commented, “Men’s razors cut exceptionally well. IU would know that too, since she shaves too, right?” IU candidly replied, “I just avoid wearing sleeveless clothing” causing everyone to burst out laughing. Lee Hwi Jae defended IU’s response saying, “Don’t mess with IU,” and Moon Hee Joon also added protectively, “IU doesn’t grow any hair on her armpits!”