Former “K-Pop Star” Season 1 Contestant Lee Michelle Wows Viewers Again with Her Amazing Vocals

After parting ways with YG Entertainment for personal reasons back in 2012, Lee Michelle left avid fans since her “K-Pop Star” season one days longing to see the talented young participant find the success she clearly deserves. When Lee Michelle was surprisingly eliminated from “K-Pop Star” and lost her spot in the next round to Lee Seung Hoon, Park Jin Young made sure to praise Lee Michelle for her stellar performance of Soul Society‘s “U Just” and revealed to the viewers the hardships Lee Michelle had faced her entire life as a half-Korean, half-African American young woman.

On October 18, Lee Michelle delivered another moving performance of Seo Ji Won‘s “My Tears Form” on the latest broadcast of “Perfect Singer VS.”

Fans warmly embraced her comeback commenting, “Wow, it’s been such a long time since the last time we’ve seen Lee Michelle,” “Why hasn’t Lee Michelle been able to debut yet?” “I wish Lee Michelle could explain what’s happened to her since,” and “Lee Michelle sings beautifully as always.” 

Here is Lee Michelle’s flawless performance of “U Just” that wowed the judges!

Watch Lee Michelle’s performance on “Perfect Singer VS” here!