Will Rain's Return Be an Acting or Singing Project?

After his discharge from the military, singer Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) has been getting a lot of calls from television and film producers for his first comeback piece.

There are rumors that Rain has gotten calls for various projects, including a movie that will star a famous actress, a blockbuster level film, as well as several offers for the main role in dramas that will air next year. Hallyu star Rain will have his pick of great dramas and films for his comeback to acting. 

However, it seems that Rain hasn’t been easily able to decide on his comeback work thus far. His case is much different from that of other actors who immediately jump into a film or drama after their discharge.

While he has started with some music production, Rain hasn’t yet decided whether he will make his first comeback as a singer or as an actor, and as there has recently been a negative public opinion in terms of celebrities soon-to-be discharged from the military, Rain is being extra cautious and careful about choosing his comeback piece. 

Regardless, his fans are anxiously awaiting his return.

On October 12, Rain held a fan meeting at the Hall of Peace at Kyunghee University in Seoul, where fans attended from all over the world, including China, Japan, Peru, and Brazil.

On November 14, Rain will start his Japan tour, doing ten performances in four major cities, beginning at Zepp Nagoya.

What Rain will do for his comeback in Korea, and if he will make a successful return to the entertainment industry still remains to be seen.

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