Son Dam Bi Confesses She Hesitated on Returning to the Stage

Son Dam Bi kept a promise she made to her fans and returned to the stage despite a recent unfortunate event. 

On October 19, the singer made the crowd go wild at the Hallyu culture show “WAPOP” held at Dom Art Hall in Seoul, as she performed her hit tracks “Crazy,” “Tears Are Falling,” and “Saturday Night.” Her strong performance and professional vocal ability received a hot response, confirming her position as one of Korea’s leading female artists.

Before finishing and leaving the stage, the star confessed, “I hesitated a lot whether to stand on stage today or not because of the recent sad news. However, I am truly happy to meet all of my fans. I am currently preparing for a new album and a concert, so please anticipate those.” The audience showed their support as they cheered and clapped their hands loudly.

Son Dam Bi’s father passed away on October 12 after losing the fight against a chronic disease. After only a week since this unfortunate event took place, the singer bravely returned to the stage.