SISTAR’s Dasom Receives a Signed CD from K.Will

A friendly photo of SISTAR’s Dasom and K.Will is receiving the attention of many netizens.

On October 18, a photo of the two singers was posted on SISTAR’s official Twitter account. The photo came along with words cheering for K.Will and his new album, “I received a signed CD of K.Will oppa’s ‘You Don’t Know Love.’ It’s a great song. Check it out.”

In the photo, Dasom has K.Will’s new album in her hands as K.Will smiles with a “V.”

Meanwhile, K.Will is gaining much popularity from his recently released fourth mini album, “Will in Fall.” The title track “You Don’t Know Love” swept the number one spot on charts on various music sites moments after the album was released.

Dasom and K.Will