Actor Go Joo Won Implicated in an Assault Incident

Actor Go Joo Won has been implicated in an assault incident.

In a phone interview with Nocut News, the victims explained, “We were at the club drinking, when someone who was with Go Joo Won started to get aggressive with us. The assault went on for about ten minutes. One of my friends’ tooth was broken and you could see footprints on the clothes of another friend.” They continued, “Go Joo Won’s company left right before the cops showed up.”

Authorities from the Sinsa police station who received the report said that they took the report at the club, and while the victims consistently mentioned Go Joo Won, they did not see him.

On the afternoon of October 20, officials at Go Joo Won’s agency explained a different side of the story. They said that it was Go Joo Won’s birthday on the sixteenth. Come weekend, he went to the club with four close friends, when someone from the party sitting next to them tried to forcefully kiss a woman who was with Go Joo Won. After this was stopped, three people came over to apologize. Following, because Go Joo Won is a celebrity, his friend made him leave first and came back to deal with the situation on his own, when he was suddenly assaulted. Go Joo Won’s friend is currently in the hospital.

Currently, the case has been forwarded to the Gangnam police station, where the investigation is under way. There was CCTV on site, as well as many witnesses to the incident, and a more detailed account should be revealed following investigation. Meanwhile, the woman who was molested and the friend who is in the hospital are preparing for legal action. Go Joo Won, also, stated that he plans to take legal action for defamation. The opposing party claims to be preparing to sue for assault, as well.