Kang Ho Dong’s Son Is Following in His Footsteps?

Seems like the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree in Kang Ho Dong’s case!

During the October 20 broadcast of SBS’s “Barefoot Friends,” the cast members paid a visit to trot legend Tae Jin Ah’s luxurious residence. Kang Ho Dong and the singer soon found a mutual topic of interest, as they began to talk about their offspring.

“I think seeing your children succeed and grow well is the most heartwarming thing there is,” Tae Jin Ah said while proudly referring to his son Eru, also a singer.

To this Kang Ho Dong replied with, “My son is now attending kindergarten, and not long ago he came home with a diploma that said ‘King of Wrestling.’ I praised him a lot,” and made everyone burst in laughter. As you might already know, Kang Ho Dong used to be a famous wrestler back in the day. 

The episode also received attention for revealing Tae Jin Ah’s beautiful home filled with trophies and certificates.