Back Story to Go Ara and Jung Woo’s Lip Biting Scene in “Reply 1994”

The director of “Reply 1994,” Shin Won Ho has revealed the back story behind the funny lip biting scene between Garbage played by Jung Woo and Na Jung played by Go Ara.

On the second episode of TvN‘s Friday-Saturday drama “Reply 1994” that aired on October 19, there was a surprising scene where a drunken Na Jung bites Garbage’s lips. Before the lip biting scene, the two were sitting next to each other with Jang Hye Jin‘s song “One Late Night in 1994” setting up the mood for a kiss. However, Na Jung bites Garbage instead of kissing him as the music changes to Lee Seung Wan‘s “A Dog of Flanders.”


Regarding the scene, Shin Won Ho PD said, “Before shooting the scene I was very worried. The two actors had a lot a of dialogue and matched well. Due to Go Ara’s concentration and Jung Woo’s thoughtfulness, we were able to shoot the scene in one take.”