Park Ji Yoon and Primary Shares Friendly Photo in the Recording Studio

Park Ji Yoon revealed that she’s good buddies with Primary.

On October 20, her agency MYSTIC89 released a picture of Park Ji Yoon with Primary at the recording booth. Primary has recently earned the nickname “Midas Touch” after participating in the recording for MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” special music festival.

He composed and wrote the lyrics for Park Ji Yoon’s title track “Mr. Lee” off of her new single album of the same name. However, it turns out that their friendship goes further back to their university days. They both attended Kyunghee University and majored in Postmodern Music and have a senior-junior relationship.

“Mr. Lee” is a lighthearted and fun track featuring rapper San E, which was released late last week. The single kickstarts her year-long project where she’ll release an album for each season.

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