A-Jax Members are Bona Fide Boy Scouts in “Snake” Album Jacket Photo

A-Jax fans, rejoice! The boy group will be coming back on October 28 with new track “Snake.”

On October 21, the agency announced the group’s comeback when they unveiled the album jacket photo for upcoming single “Snake.” The boys busily spent the summer promoting their second single “Insane.”

“Snake” is said to be of the lighthearted and funky rock genre where the lyrics allude a young boy’s love to that of a snake.

A-Jax recently surprised its fans by hinting on a comeback through online variety program “A-Jax’s Snake Parenting Diary.”

The album jacket shows the boys rocking the boy scout outfit at what looks to be at a camping site. Fans are interested in how they’ll integrate the snake and boy scout concept with the funky rock genre.