A-Prince Travels to “Romantic Gangwon” for New MV

Five-member boy group A-Prince have been appointed as ambassadors for Gangwon Province and dropped the latest single on October 21.

The music video for single “Romantic Gangwon” was released on the same day through the group’s official YouTube channel showing off the province’s breathtaking scenery. The track is a love ballad track in the bossa nova genre and uses “Romantic Gangwon-do” as the motif.

The sweet melody and poetic lyrics of “Romantic Gangwon” aims to help the listener reminisce cherishable memories from the province and encourage strangers to visit the area.

Check out the video below! Does it make you want to visit the province?

Meanwhile, A-Prince is gearing up for its one year anniversary since debut and the group plans to celebrate the milestone on November 10 with its first solo concert at a club in Gangnam.