Rookie Rapper Kanto to Collaborate with Infinite’s Sunggyu for Debut Single

Infinite’s Sunggyu is collaborating with rookie rapper Kanto for his debut single!

Kanto will make his musical debut with the track “Just Tell Me.” It has been announced that Sunggyu will be participating in the music video along with RiSe of Ladies’ Code.

According to a representative from Kanto’s agency, Brand New Music, Sunggyu’s distinct voice  makes the track more complete. He added that the track will show another side of Sunggyu’s vocals that is not seen when he is with Infinite.  

Kanto is a rookie artist who won Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 2,” a hip hop reality show last year.  

“Just Tell Me” is scheduled to drop on October 25. Meanwhile, Sunggyu is currently busy with Infinite’s “One Great Step” world tour.

Source: Nate