From Movie to Real Life Couple: Chun Jung Myung and Kim Min Jung Reportedly Dating

Are actors Chun Jung Myung and Kim Min Jung dating in real life?

That is the question many have asked after reports surfaced that actors Chun Jung Myung and Kim Min Jung have been dating for the last 10 months.

Last year, both actors filmed the movie “Queen of the Night,” and soon after, reportedly became a couple.  The couple apparently did not hide their affection as their relationship was not a secret to the movie production staff.

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One anonymous party commented, “Chun Jung Myung and Kim Min Jung first met through the drama ‘Fashion 70’s’ and developed their friendship. Afterwards, they met again for the filming of the movie ‘Queen of the Night’ and through the movie became closer,” and concluded, “The two have been dating from the beginning of this year for the last 10 months.”

However, the two actors’ agencies vehemently denied the dating rumors, with Chun Jung Myung’s agency stating, “The two have been long time friends,” clearly distinguishing the status of their relationship. Kim Min Jung’s agency also added, “It is true that through the filming of the movie the two have become closer, but their relationship is not on dating levels.”

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In the past, Chun Jung Myung and Kim Min Jung have shown their friendly relationship through the movie’s press conferences. Furthermore, the two actors appeared on the October 13 episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” displaying their closeness through natural skinship and through their caring awareness for each other. Actor Chun Jung Myung had also made a surprising confession on the October 1 episode of SBS’s “Hwashin” when he said, “During the filming of the movie, I misunderstood and thought Kim Min Jung liked me.”

Moreover, on October 16, Chun Jung Myung gave subtle hints of his feelings towards the actress in one of the movie’s production briefing conference by saying, “I also really like [Kim Min Jung] as a woman. She would make a great girlfriend, and it would seem like she would have many more charms about her,” and continued, “she is very cute and loveable when I watch her laugh,” complimenting Kim Min Jung while also maintaining a loving atmosphere.

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Although both agencies for both actors denied the relationship, the closeness between Chun Jung Myung and Kim Minjung is undeniable. Their movie, “Queen of the Night,” released on October 17, is about the grade A timid husband who begins to investigate his wife’s past after discovering his grade A wife might not be what she seems to be. 

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