IU Tells Why She Can No Longer Do Her Magic Trick on Stage

On October 21, singer IU appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School” as a guest. On the show she talked about her recent comeback and showed off her volubility.

In their conversation, DJ Kim Chang Ryul expressed his awe saying, “I saw the magic trick with the chair. You suddenly disappear.”

IU replied to his comment and said, “It’s a magic trick done with the chair,” and added, “But I can’t do the trick anymore because the chair broke,” showing her disappointment.

DJ Kim Chang Ryul asked how the chair broke and IU answered, “My clothes got caught on the chair while I was trying to do the trick. The chair fell as I fell,” explaining how the chair broke.

Nonetheless, DJ Kim Chang Ryul cheered up the mood and made IU laugh by saying, “Well, since you can’t disappear anymore, people can see more of IU.”

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