How Kids on “Dad! Where Are We Going?” Have Changed Over Ten Months

The progression of the growth of the kids on MBC’s “Dad! Where Are We Going?” is attracting much attention.

On the show, which aired on October 20, Kim Min Kook, Yoon Hoo, Sung Joon, Song Jia, and Lee Junsu displayed how much they have grown not only physically but in other aspect as well. 

So, just how much have the kids changed since the show first aired on January 6 earlier this year?

Kim Min Kook
Freelance anchor Kim Sung Joo’s son, Kim Min Kook, is the oldest of the five children, but he was known as the crybaby. He would burst into tears after getting stuck with a bad house. However, now even if he does have to stay in a bad house, he tries to look for the upside of things. He is more mature and has developed leadership skills to lead the rest of the gang. The confusion he used to show when he had to lead the group at the beginning of the show has disappeared.

Yoon Hoo
Singer Yoon Min Soo’s son, Yoon Hoo’s appearance has changed significantly. He has shed off a few pounds losing his chubby and cute cheeks. Nonetheless, he still shows how much he loves to eat on the show. Some things that have changed about Yoon Hoo is that he no longer cries for his mommy. He succeeded in learning how to ride a bicycle with encouragement from his father.

Sung Joon

Sung Joon, actor Sung Dong Il’s son, became more outgoing. He has changed from an extremely mature and quiet personality to a more outgoing person who likes to chitchat with his uncles. He naturally ate breakfast with the old man who owned the house he was staying in while his father was still asleep.

Song Jia
Former Korean soccer player Song Jong Kook’s daughter, Song Jia, has grown to be shrewder. She helped her daddy make sushi without being asked to help.

Lee Junsu

Lee Junsu, actor Lee Jong Hyuk’s son, used to be camera shy and mostly stayed in the background. However, he has become more active in the missions assigned to him. He was especially easily distracted when running errands with Hoo, but now he is able to successfully complete the errands.

The progression of how the five kids have grown made many viewers smile. Anticipation on how they will continue to grow is rising. 

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