[Recap] “Running Man” Race Start Fan Meeting in Singapore Was More than Just Another Fan Meeting

It was a mad party at the “Watsons Race Start! in Singapore Running Man Fan Meeting” last Saturday! Held on October 19 at Singapore Expo, all tickets to the event were snapped up within hours after tickets went on public sale. It was the five members, namely Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Kang Gary, and Haha‘s first time coming to Singapore as part of the”Running Man” cast. It was also Song Ji Hyo’s first appearance at the Asia Tour, bringing much excitement to shippers of the Monday Couple.

Running Man ALV_2257

Kudos to whoever came up with the idea to dress them as “Boys Over Flowers” leading characters and have them do a T-max cover — “Almost Paradise,” the OST of the Korean remake of “Hana Yori Dango.” The moment the opening introduction music was played and the four male members started to sing, it was so amusing the audience started to crack up and clap and cheer all at the same time! Haha was even complete with a Goo Jun Pyo fur-collar coat!

The host of the night Danny Yeo congratulated Suk Jin on his first individual win in Ep 165 of “Running Man,” after three years since the show started. Kim Jong Kook said, “I’m very generous; I always want to let them win” when asked about this thoughts on Ji Suk Jin’s first victory.

Gary was then asked to describe what he thinks of Song Ji Hyo. He said, “Pretty, sexy, and rich,” drawing laughter from around. What does Song Ji Hyo think of Gary then? “Sexy, sings well, good looking,” sending their shippers to cloud nine immediately.

Running Man ALV_2456

A video was played while the members changed into their “Running Man” uniforms. Pre-selected fans were welcomed on stage to play the first game – charade. They were split into two teams A (Gary, Ji Suk Jin) and B (Haha, Kim Jong Kook) while Song Ji Hyo is an Ace, playing in both teams. The first team member has to act out the word on screen for the second member in line to imitate to the next member and so on. The last team member has to guess what is the word from the gestures. Pictures of animals were flashed on screen, and all of them had a hard time guessing. Gary even took the opportunity to show a heart to Song Ji Hyo, again to the delight of the fans! Team A only managed to get a correct answer when their time was up. Before Team B started playing, Kim Jong Kook said, “I don’t want to win; I just want to make you guys happy.” In the end, Team B won with two correct guesses!

Running Man ALV_2558

Next up was the kick-slippers-into-shelf-boxes game. Song Ji Hyo gave a point away when her slipper ended up in Kim Jong Kook’s box instead. Haha also awarded a point to Suk Jin in similar fashion. Guess who emerged the winner by kicking his slipper into his own name box? The commander did!

Running Man ALV_2738

For the third game, the members each picked three ticket stubs from a bowl. Sometimes it’s better to just watch from where you are and have a good laugh at the people on stage! The 15 fans chose had to dance to “Gangnam Style”! Ji Suk Jin and Gary were tasked to demonstrate the dance to the fans, to which Gary said they didn’t do it well enough and asked Haha and Kim Jong Kook to show off their dance as well. Gary probably regretted it very soon when Haha and Kim Jong Kook danced around Song Ji Hyo, drawing out the jealousy from Gary! “She’s betraying you, Gary!” quipped the host. Song Ji Hyo immediately responded with “No, no, no, no, I love you!” professing her love for Gary for the very first time!

Running Man ALV_2746

Gary and Song Ji Hyo also gamely performed a couple dance. I think it was absolutely sweet of Gary when he stretched his hands and attempted to cover her ears, but Song Ji Hyo quickly brushed his hands away. Her face was all red, blushing with the sudden gesture!

Running Man ALV_2819

The five members each selected one fan who danced the best to remain on stage, and they finally learn what the real deal is – post-its game where they have to shake off all the post-it notes on their body! The only male fan picked by Song Ji Hyo really stood out from the rest as he jumped up and down while the female fans shook their bodies with all their might. Ji Suk Jin teased that the male fan resembles a Chinese vampire, hahahaha! Kim Jong Kook’s fan won with only five post-its remaining.

Running Man ALV_2902

The last game was Tug of War with 10 of the fans who were picked to dance, but weren’t selected. They had to pit their strength against the “Running Man” members! All the fans who were selected for the games walked away with a Polaroid taken with a member, and some winners were given autographed posters as well. 

Lee Kwang Soo who couldn’t make the trip due to other work commitments sent a video message to wish his fellow members a successful fan meeting. 

Most fan meetings will feature only a few songs, but the finale of the “Running Man” fan meeting was actually a mini-concert by itself, lasting almost an hour long!

Running Man ALV_2970

Ji Suk Jin kicked off the set with “I Swear.”

Running Man ALV_3105

The performances were followed by Gary’s “You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me,” and “Can’t Breakup Girl, Can’t Breakaway Boy”.

Running Man ALV_3158

A duet with Song Ji Hyo who joined him for Leessang’s “Turn Off the TV”.


Running Man ALV_3260

Haha did a medley of “Story of a Little Kid,” “You are My Fate,” and “Rosa,” not forgetting the highly addictive “Busan Vacance”.

Running Man ALV_3367

Kim Jong Kook belted out his classic song “One Man” and “Today, More Than Yesterday”.

Running Man ALV_3530

The grand finale got everyone to their feet when the five sang Kim Jong Kook’s “Loveable”.


Running Man ALV_3565

It was a mad party with lots of water splashing!

Can you feel the love that night?! I sure did!

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