MBLAQ Members Say Watching Lee Joon's

On October 20, J.Tune Camp released a special video clip starring the MBLAQ members G.O, Mir, Thunder and Seungho, cheering for their fellow member Lee Joon and his new film, “Rough Play.”

The members excitedly support and cheer for Lee Joon while asking fans to not miss out on watching “Rough Play.”

Check out the video clip below and here are the subs of what each member is saying!

G.O: On October 24, “Rough Play” starring MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is being released!

Mir: There are so many rumors that anticipation is high, the movie is really good and that Lee Joon’s acting is very good.

Thunder: Rookie actor Jjoonie hyung and a great director have come together so I think there will be a great synergy effect.

G.O: Please take a lot of interest, pre-order your tickets, buy tickets at the theaters, give tickets to your friends…

Seungho: [Lee Joon] worked really hard so please view it favorably and I hope many people will have fun watching it. Ok then us MBLAQ members will also be heading over to the theater to watch Joon’s “Rough Play” right now.

Thunder: “Rough Play” pre-ordering tickets is a must!

Seungho: Please press the pre-order button right now!

Mir: *Boop* (pressing the button sound)

All Together: “Rough Play,” October 24, ready, action!

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