Jo Jung Chi and Hareem Selected as New Radio DJs

Musicians Jo Jung Chi and Hareem have been selected to be the new radio DJs for KBS Cool FM for the 2-4pm timeslot. The program will be titled “Jo Jung Chi and Hareem’s 2pm” and they will begin their new positions on October 28. The new duo will be taking the reign from Hong Jin Kyung.

Jo Jung Chi and Hareem have a lot of experience participating in various radio programs, but this will be the first time the two will become fixed radio DJs. They were able to show their various charms through their appearances on television and radio programs so fans will be able to expect an engaging two hours while the two are on the airwaves.

A radio producer stated, “We’re excited that we’ll be able to show the two DJ’s hidden charms through this opportunity. Please look forward to the other sides of the two characters.”

Meanwhile, Jo Jung Chi and Hareem are currently preparing an album for their project group Shin Chi Rim, which also includes Yoon Jong Shin.