4Men’s Young Jae Unveils Self-Composed Solo Project “Danbi”

Vocal powerhouse group 4Men released its third solo project on October 22.

Member Young Jae is the third and last member to release a solo project under the series “4Men The Solo Project” with track “Danbi.”

Shin Yong Jae was the first member to release a single from the solo project series titled “You’re All Talk,” which shot straight up to the top of the charts. Kim Won Joo followed in his footsteps and released “Just One More Day.”

“Danbi” is a song that expresses a man’s pain for losing a woman who passed away because of a poor decision. Young Jae composed and produced the track while he collaborated with Min Yeon Jae on the lyrics.

 yeong jae dan bi 1

yeong jae dan bi 2