Shin Seung Hun Promises a Great Ballad in Video Teaser for “Sorry”

Legendary ballad singer Shin Seung Hun is preparing for his upcoming comeback and released the video teaser for his song, “Sorry” through his agency’s official YouTube channel.

“Sorry” is the main track off of his album “Great Wave” and promises to be an emotional ballad worthy of being called Shin Seung Hun’s song. “Great Wave” is the final album to the singer’s s six-year-long project titled “3 Waves of Unexpected Twist.”

The music video teaser shows the beautiful visuals of a broken piano submerged under water, and then the piano rising from the water and into the sky. Shin Seung Hun sings one line in the teaser, but the one line is enough to remind us of Shin Seung Hun’s pleasing vocals.

The music video and the album will be released on October 23. . In addition, he plans to reunite with fans through “The Shin Seung Hun Show – Great Wave” on November 9 at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park in Seoul.