“Queen of Ambition” Writer Lee Hee Myung Is Expelled from Writer’s Association for Copyright Infringement

On October 21, the board of directors for the Korean Radio & TV Writers Association decided to expel writer Lee Hee Myung, who wrote the drama “Queen of Ambition” (aka “Yawang“). 

Lee Hee Myung, who was brought on in the middle of the drama, continued “Queen of Ambition” with some of the same characters and storyline of the previous writer. The writers association, after receiving a petition, had since been carrying out an investigation.

An official of the association said, “We determined that it was an infringement of copyright, and after a meeting with the board of directors, decided to expel [Lee Hee Myung].” 

Lee Hee Myung had previously received praise for his works “Tomato,” “A Bright Girl’s Success Story,” “Rooftop Prince,” etc.