Chae Jung Ahn to Play YoonA’s Rival in “Prime Minister and I”

Actress Chae Jung Ahn has been confirmed for the upcoming KBS drama, Prime Minister and I.”

On October 22, broadcast insiders revealed that Chae Jung Ahn has been confirmed to play Seo Hye Joo, who is Kwon Yool’s (played by Lee Bum Soo) college junior and close associate since his congressman days.

Seo Hye Joo will be playing the rival of Nam Da Jung (played by YoonA) as they enter a love triangle with Kwon Yool.

Chae Jung Ahn was in MBC’s “When a Man Loves” this past June and was last seen in the KBS short drama, “Your Noir” along with 2PM‘s Chansung.

“Prime Minister and I” is set to air its pilot episode in December after “Future Choice” comes to an end.