Ailee Releases Music Video for “Heaven” (Japanese Ver.)

After wrapping up promotions for “U&I” in Korea back in August, powerful vocalist Ailee looked to Japan to advance her music career! The talented artist is currently signed under YMC Entertainment and joined hands with Warner Music Japan to release her Japanese debut single, “Heaven.” The single will be available for purchase starting November 6.

According to YMC Entertainment, Ailee has been preparing for her Japanese debut since her trainee days. 

Fans on YouTube have appreciatively noted, “I love that her company takes her [music] seriously! Instead of just translating the song, they re-arranged it for this new market!” and “The music does fit [with] most Japanese pop tunes and I love it!”

Check out the full music video here and subscribe to Warner Music Japan’s YouTube channel for more updates on Ailee’s debut activities in Japan!