A-JAX Member Sungmin Suffers From Knee Injury And Will Not Join Members for “Snake” Comeback

A-JAX member Sungmin recently injured his knee and will need six weeks to recover. His agency DSP Media has decided that A-JAX will continue on with its scheduled comeback activities without him for the time being. 

The idol was on his way to practice when he tore a ligament in his right knee. He will need to give his knee six weeks to heal completely. For the time being, he will not be able to practice choreography or participate in any promotional activities as the group will make a comeback on October 28. 

However, Sungmin will appear on the album jacket photo of A-JAX’s third single album “Snake,” but will not be in the music video or on stage. In the meantime, Sungmin has expressed his determination to do whatever is necessary to speed up the healing process so that he can join his members on stage. 

A-JAX’s Yoonyoung is expected to make his official return to A-JAX for “Snake” after making a complete recovery since his spinal disk surgery back in July. Yoonyoung had a short amount of time to prepare for his return to the stage, but, according to sources, it does not appear to be too much for him to handle in his current condition. Yoonyoung’s return to the group became necessary with Sungmin’s absence. Despite the worrisome injuries, A-JAX plans to push forward with the planned comeback schedule as a six member group without Sungmin. 

In related news, A-JAX will release its first teaser clip for its newest track “Snake” on October 24 to launch the countdown for their comeback. 

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