Shin Seung Hun Has Nothing to be “Sorry” About For New Music Video

Ballad great Shin Seung Hun released the visually and audibly beautiful music video for “Sorry” through his agency’s official YouTube channel.

“Sorry” is the main track from his new album “Great Wave.” It has been four years since he last released a full album and had been receiving hot anticipation before its release. “Great Wave” is the final segment to the Shin Seung Hun’s six-year-long project titled “3 Waves of Unexpected Twist.”

The song is part of the recently popularized Brit-pop genre and has the pleasing blend of Shin Seung Hun’s vocals and the instrumentals of the piano and cello. The music video offers melancholic and grand visuals that do the beautiful song justice.

With this comeback Shin Seung Hun plans to reunite with his fans through “The Shin Seung Hun Show – Great Wave” on November 9 at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park in Seoul.