Epik High Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary with a Video Message

Once a musician, always a musician. October 23 marked Epik High’s 10 year anniversary. 

On October 22, Epik High’s official Youtube channel posted a short video with the message “Thank you for the memories” to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the group. The video portrayed the three members immersed in music, each member highlighting the musical personalities that composed the group. Epik High’s investment in the quality of music was made clear as the images of Tablo focused on producing new music, Mithra Jin practicing his rap lyrics, and DJ Tukutz exhibiting new beats through the turn table defined the reason behind Epik High’s musical success.

Debuting in 2003, Epik High became the representative figure of the Korean music industry by combining hip hop with other genres to create fusions of new musical styles. The talent and eye for music helped mold the group to become leading figures in the Korean music industry.

Fans of Epik High celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the group by ranking the group first on Twitter’s worldwide trends. The love and attention Epik High gained for their 10th anniversary reflected the amount of love the members poured in to their music and fans.

Happy 10th Birthday Epik High!