Jung Hyung Don Makes a Nonsense Proposition to Block B’s Zico

In a recent recording of MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol,” Block B appeared as the guest.

During the recording, members of Block B revealed that their leader, Zico, produced their new album.

After hearing this, MC Jung Hyung Don made a sudden request to Zico, “Give us a song for Hyung Don and Dae Joon for free.”

When Zico’s reaction was positive, Jung Hyung Don made an even more nonsense request saying, “Let us credit the song under Hyung Don and Dae Joon.”

Zico tried to change the subject by replying, “But you already have G-Dragon sunbae,” referring to how Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon were paired together for the “2013 Infinity Challenge Freedom Road Music Festival.” However, Jung Hyung Don made everyone laugh by joking, “If you don’t give us a song, we can’t continue the show.”

The episode of “Weekly Idol” which reveals the secret deal between Jung Hyung Don and Zico airs October 23. 

Block B on "Weekly Idol"

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