Im Seulong Opens Door to His Home for the First Time On Air

2AM’s Im Seulong reveled his home for the first time on air in a new segment titled, “The World They Live In” on cable channel XTM’s “Homme 5.0

Im Seulong, with his model-like figure known for his fashion sense, opened the doors to his dressing room. Many people marveled at how well organized his dressing room was and how it looked just like a clothing shop.

He showed just how much of a fashionista he is through storing his clothes separately item by item as well as equipping his dressing room with a “clothes refrigerator.” Moreover, he showed off the countless pairs of shoes stored neatly at the entrance of his home.

The new segment, “The World They Live In” introduces hot and stylish places relating to fashion, restaurants, and different experiences for male viewers to try. 4 Minute’s Gayoon and Kim Won Joong appeared on the show with Im Seulong.

The show aired on October 21.  

Im Seulong