T-ara to Make Comeback in December with Remix of “Again 1977”

Girl group T-ara will be making a comeback as “Retro Queens” once more. 

T-ara will remake the 1997 hit song “What About Me” by the Sand Pebbles. and make their comeback in December of this year. Renown music producer Sinsadong Tiger will create a remix to add a new modern twist to the retro song. With T-ara singing the song, the song will be popular with the younger generation and the older generation who will be reminded about their college days.

The group released a teaser image for “What About Me.” The teaser image shows an old school tape cassette with the words “T-ara” and “Again 1977.’ Member Hyomin shared the teaser photo and shared another photo of herself in vintage clothes, possibly hinting at the concept for their comeback. 

T-ara fans may not be able to wait until December, but until then check out the photos and the original “What About Me” song.