Stars Talk About Their Real Life Personalities

When we watch dramas or movies, we often get the impression that actors and actresses are pretty and elegant in real life just as they are in character. Moreover, we get the feeling an actor or an actress has a good personality when he or she takes on a nice and pleasant role. However, most of the time, it is a misunderstanding because what they portray on camera can be completely different from who they really are in reality.

Playing a role that is different from their personality goes to show what great actors they are, and it is what gets viewers curious about an actor’s real life and personality. Continue reading to find out what stars have revealed about themselves.

Joo Sang Wook

“Hot-tempered Sang Wook,” Joo Sang Wook is actually a mood setter in real life.

Joo Sang Wook, who played pediatric surgeon Kim Do Han on the drama “Good Doctor” gained the nickname “hot-tempered Sang Wook” because he often snarled at his junior colleagues in the drama. Suspicion of whether the actor gets angry often off air grew.

At a meeting with reporters on October 21, celebrating the end of “Good Doctor” Joo Sang Wook said, “Neither Joo Won or Moon Chae Won are very talkative.” “Perhaps I was being greedy to be the mood setter, but it’s simply just my personality.”

He added, “I was the oldest of the younger cast members. I thought it would be better to take initiative and lead the group.” He denied the suspicion that he is hot-tempered in reality like his character on the drama.

Lee Joon

“Bed Idol” Lee Joon is a planner in real life.

Member of MBLAQ, Lee Joon, who recently took on a provocative role in the film “Rough Play,” claimed his personality is very different from his character’s personality in the movie and said, “I have planned my life up to age 100, and I live every day working hard.” Lee Joon appeared on various variety shows and gained lots of love from fans with his clumsy image.

Lee Joon said, “I like being alone, and I usually feel anxious about meeting new people.” He explained the reason why he was able to gain positive feedback on his variety show appearances was thanks to the MCs of the shows who gave good reactions despite his dark personality.

Park Hyung Sik

“Baby Soldier” Park Hyung Sik is full of aegyo (cute charm).

Park Hyung Sik, a member of Z:EA, recently become a hot star spending his days busily appearing on music and variety shows as well as in dramas and musicals.

In a recent interview, Park Hyung Sik stated, “Maybe it’s because of appearing on ‘Real Men,’ but my stamina has increased allowing me to endure a tiring schedule.” He described his personality in real life saying, “Similar to the baby soldier image, I am the baby at home and in the group. I have a lot of aegyo, and I’m pretty honest about my feelings.”

When asked about the opposite gender he answered, “The first thing I look at is her eyes,” and, “I like eyes that are captivating and make me feel like I want to dive into them.” He also added, “However, I don’t think now is a good time for me to date. Even if I start to like someone, I think it would be better to stay friends.”

Son Ye Jin

“Innocent Beauty” Son Ye Jin is actually a curt daughter.

Having starred in numerous drams and films, actress Son Ye Jin has displayed a fairy-like image. And the word is that she is a talented actress who also has the looks. The way she smiles with her eyes can cheer whoever sees her smile. She seems to show a lot of aegyo, but in real life she says she is quite curt.

At the production briefing session of her latest film, “Blood and Ties,” Son Ye Jin told reporters, “I’m a daughter that acts like a son. I tend to be pretty curt, so I don’t talk with my parents very often.” She continued, “My parents find out about me through the Internet. Even today, I came here without saying anything to them. I think they’re used to it.”

Park Ji Yoon

“Comeback Park Ji Yoon” wasn’t a rebel when she was younger. 

Singer Park Ji Yoon who recently made her comeback with a new album revealed how she struggled because her personality does not match the lyrics to her new song, “Mr. Lee.”

On October 21, at the showcase for her new album, “Mr.,” she told reporters, “I’m actually not so skillful with men.” “It was awkward for me to express the lyrics in the song. I avoided using the word ‘racy.’ When we were recording the song, people told me ‘You really don’t have much experience, do you? Go out and have some fun.’”

Park Ji Yoon added, “Actually, the width of emotions for someone in her 20s is very big. I like the lyrics to ‘Witness,’ a song I express calmly as someone in her thirties. I would pick this ballad to represent me.”

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