IU's Thoughts on Acting in Upcoming Drama “Beautiful Man”

Singer IU revealed her thoughts on appearing in KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Beautiful Man.”

IU uploaded a post on her official fancafe on October 22 titled “Knock! Knock!,” in which she explained her reasons for picking “Beautiful Man” as her next drama project, as well as details on her ongoing preparation for her upcoming concert in November.

Her post began by asking for fans for their understanding. “I know you have concerns, and I know that you are worried for me. But I don’t know why I keep signing on to dramas like a green frog (Korean folk tale about a green frog who didn’t listen to its mother) even though I know about these worries. It was something that I wanted to do.”

IU revealed, “I received the drama offer suddenly about a week after my album came out. I was initially going to spend the rest of my year with a short course of activities and then four concerts, but then I thought that was a shame. At that point, I decided that with the remaining two months left of the year I might as well light up the winter with work.”

She also added that she had originally planned to promote her new song “Red Shoes” for a short period of four weeks.

IU explained, “’Beautiful Man’ dropped into my life suddenly. After ‘You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin’ ended, I really wanted to do more acting. Singer IU debuted five years ago, and made it to number one last week, but actress IU has finished two dramas and is just one of the many new rookie actresses.”

In the drama “Beautiful Man,” IU will play the role of Kim Bo Tong (which translates to Kim Average”) who is just plain in background and looks and basically average in everything. Bo Tong is a girl who falls in love at first sigh with Dokko Ma Te (played by Jang Geun Suk) in middle school and then lives her life for him. Dokko Ma Te is the man who has all the surrounding women fighting over him, and Bo Tong is the one who defends him from all these women.

“Beautiful Man” is a drama adaptation from the comic of the same name by popular comic artist Cheon Gye Young. With a face suitable of being designated a national treasure and possessing a certain fiendishness, Dokko Ma Te steals the hearts of 10 of Korea’s top 1% successful women and becomes a real beautiful man through this process. “Beautiful Man” will air in November.

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