Suzy Is Ready for a Sparkling Holiday with Sexy Party Dresses for Elle Korea

It looks like Suzy is shedding her “Nation’s First Love” image and going for a sexier and more mature look in her latest jewelry photo shoot.

As a model for Swarovski, Suzy posed for the fashion magazine, Elle Korea for the November edition. The concept of the photo shoot is “Sparkling Holiday” as Suzy sports different looks such as the party dress look, the daily pure look and a sexy bare top dress look. Each look is paired with a different piece of jewelry that further makes Suzy and the photo shine.

Although they were different looks, Suzy was able to transform into a different person for each of them, earning the praise from the photo shoot director and staff.

The photo with Suzy in a black mini-dress with a deep neckline is especially receiving a lot of attention for her sexy image.

This photo shoot can be found in the November edition of Elle Korea, which is also its 21st anniversary.

elle 11 2013 suzy