IU Reveals the Secret to Her Disappearing Act for “Red Shoes”

Singer IU recently let everyone in on the big secret behind her magical disappearing act as seen at the end of her “Red Shoes” stage performances. 

On October 23, IU appeared as a guest on SBS‘s “One Night of TV Entertainment” and talked about her image concept transformation from a girl to a young woman. Newscaster Kim Il Joong also had the chance to ask IU about her cool disappearing act on stage at the end of her “Red Shoes” performance. IU wittily replied, “I was going to take this secret with me to the grave, but I’m actually hiding behind that chair.” 

According to IU, the trick was getting off the chair as quickly as possible. She added, “I practiced it a lot actually and getting there was a trial-and-error process.” 

In related news, IU has been winning numerous #1 trophies for her successful hit, “Red Shoes”!