New Stardom Entertainment Group Topp Dogg Holds Debut Showcase and Reveals More Information

More information about the highly anticipated idol group Topp Dogg has been revealed!

On October 22, Topp Dogg held their debut showcase at the V Hall in Mapogu, Seoul.

It is reported that Topp Dogg showed impressive performances, preventing the audience from looking anywhere else but the stage. The audience was captivated by the on-point choreography, despite the group having 13 members.

Topp Dogg performed a song called “Cigarette,” produced by member Gohn. “Cigarette” displayed the members’ deep vocal and rap skills. The showcase also featured individual performances by Kidoh, Xero, Hojoon, B-Joo and Hansol. Jenissi also performed a freestyle rap that earned him a lot of applause.

When asked to describe Topp Dogg, leader P-Goon answered, “Rather than calling ourselves a hip-hop group, we are a group that can show you a diverse range of music and performances.” Kidoh also added, “We are not fixated on just hip-hop but a variety of other genres as well.”

P-Goon is said to have spent eight years as a trainee. On the contrary, Sangdo only went through three months of training. P-Goon commented, “The hardest part was practicing in the dark, not knowing when I was going to become a singer.”

Hansol also added, “Rather than mentioning our competition, I think it’s more important to let our group be known. We’re not targeting anyone but we just want to work hard ourselves.”

Topp Dogg will debut as a 13 member group but is planning on unit activities as well. P-Goon said, “Topp Dogg is a group that was created with unit groups in mind. We will try our hardest to show everyone what each of us do the best.”

All throughout the press conference, it is reported that producer Cho PD couldn’t contain his proud feelings and had a smile on his face the entire time. Jenissi commented, “I was a trainee at Stardom for about two years. We may be idols but Cho PD trained us to mature musically. He made each and every one of us gain confidence. I respect him so much and thank him.”

Topp Dogg will release their debut single on October 24 and in the mean time, check out Topp Dogg’s member gallery as well as their teaser video.

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