Taeyang’s Shocking Transformation for “Elle” Magazine

Taeyang of BIGBANG recently did a photoshoot for the November edition of “Elle Korea” magazine, a sign that promotions for his solo comeback are ramping up. Taeyang transforms for this pictorial, showing off his lethal beauty and raising expectations for his first solo comeback in three years.

In the accompanying interview he did with the magazine, he expressed his confidence with regards to this solo comeback, “I think that you can listen to the songs and you won’t get sick of them,” “There were things that I wanted to do, and I was strongly determined to make sure they were included.” He also felt apologetic to fans for having waited so long for his return to solo activities.

Taeyang posted a picture on October 10 through Twitter of himself covered in bold tattoos from his hands to his neck and blonde hair, along with the text “The sun will rise,” arousing public interest that his comeback was imminent. On October 20 at midnight, a comeback teaser image of Taeyang was released on YG Entertainment’s official blog, raising fans expectations for his solo activities.

One of the topics that came up during the interview was the boy group survival program “WHO IS NEXT: WIN,” with Taeyang revealing his feelings about mentoring Team A. He mentored Team A for their first battle (of three) and passionately gave unstinted advice to the Team A trainees.

Reminiscing his own period as a trainee, he stated, “From the moment I decided that I had to do music, a sense of urgency arose. I had a difficult time when I was a trainee, but thinking about it, that was the period where I had the purest passion. That’s why it feels good when I look at the trainees now.” He revealed that he wants to feel free in the world through music.

Taeyang drops his new solo album November 1.

Taeyang for Elle Korea (November)

Taeyang for Elle Korea (November)