Yoo Se Yoon Releases Second Teaser for New Single “Kkattokk”

Comedian and artist Yoo Se Yoon (of duo UV) is making a solo comeback with a new single titled “Kkattok,” a ballad number with hip-hop elements. In the song, Yoo Se Yoon raps while singer Lim Bo Ram provides smooth vocals. The song’s title is a play on the popular Korean message service “KakaoTalk,” literally referring to it multiple times in the song. It is also part of the chorus refrain.

In the second teaser for the MV released on October 24, Yoo Se Yoon dons a white sleeveless shirt and throws grass around in a field, while screaming in frustration and anger, and various objects (an egg tray cover, a plastic chair, and a makgeolli bottle) fly across the screen.

Perhaps many people can identify with the ode to banishing KakaoTalk, which depicts a boyfriend’s frustrations that his girlfriend is always on KakaoTalk texting her friends, even when they are together. In the background, ringtones and text tones from the message service can be heard.

The single “Kkattok” was released on October 16, while the MV’s first teaser was released on October 22 on the CJ E&M Music YouTube channel.