A-JAX Are Serious Boy Scouts in “Snake” Music Video Starring Rainbow’s Go Woo Ri

Boy group A-Jax is will be making their comeback and released the video teaser for “Snake” starring Rainbow‘s Go Woo Ri through their agency’s official YouTube channel.

The music video teaser does not reveal much about the music of the song. The video starts off with a large snake slithering around a camping tent. A brief clip of Go Woo Ri being surrounded by the A-Jax members in Boy Scout uniforms is followed by Go Woo Ri looking very snakelike herself. Woo Ri may be the prettiest snake lady K-pop has seen yet. 

It was reported that Woo Ri showed her support as A-JAX’s senior and fellow label mate by carefully monitoring the music video filming, even after her part was finished. 

A-JAX previously released a teaser photo for their “Snake” comeback and announced that member Sung Min will not be participating in promotions because of his knee injury