Dance Along With T.A.P With Their New MV For “Oh! Boy” Featuring Tahiti

The female trio T.A.P has come together with the rookie singers of the next generation in the music video for “Oh! Boy,” featuring rapper GO:ON, released on October 23. “Oh! Boy” is a project by LG U+, featuring their homeBoy character.

“Oh! Boy” is an electronic dance song and music video made with the purpose of a friendly approach for everyone, from children to adults, borrowing the melody from the well-known children’s song, “Why Did You Come to My House?” The song has a catchy beat and fresh chorus, featuring the talented rookie voices of T.A.P and GO:ON.

The song was written, composed, and arranged by producer Oh Joon Sung, who recently dominated the music charts with his OST song for the drama “Master’s Sun,” “Touch Love,” which was sung by Yoon Mi Rae

The music video also features girl group Tahiti, dancing simple bus, swimming, and driving dances, adding to the video a sexy, yet cute side, and making it easy to dance along!