Park Ji Yoon, 16 Years After Her Debut (Part 2)

Husky-voiced singer Park Ji Yoon, who recently made a comeback, had a Q&A interview with a local news agency in which she discussed the current idol industry, being a female singer in her 30s, and why she decided to join Mystic89.

Q: This album is a lot different from the last, which had a lot of acoustic sound.

A: “At that time, I was producing on my own, so I did the music I wanted to do. This time around, I’m doing whatever Yoon Jong Shin tells me to do. It seems people are looking forward to what kind of music I come out with after meeting up with Yoon Jong Shin. If the last album was more for my hardcore personal fans, then this one is for everyone, like old times. I’m doing music that’s in line with the current trends.”

Q: There are no original songs of yours on the single.

A: “I didn’t purposefully remove my own songs. I just liked Yoon Jong Shin’s producing as well as Primary’s song. I can always include my own songs in another album.”

Q: Are you still writing your own songs?

A: “I am still continuously working on my own material. I usually write my songs from my own experiences, so it’s hard for me to sell my songs and give them to others.”

Q: Do you like the song that Primary wrote?

A: “I could tell why people call him the trend nowadays. Honestly, I didn’t know of him very well, so prior to working with him, I looked up his music, and I really liked it. I liked it even more because it was completely different than what I used to do. It was a really fun experience.”

Q: Your title track has an exciting beat.  Can we look forward to a dance?

A: “I wouldn’t call it so much a dance as just a groove. It’s not like before, where the choreography was a huge part of the performance. However, if the dance is important to the kind of music I’m doing, then I’ll do it. I’m leaving myself open to different possibilities.”

Q: Why did you leave your own representation to join Yoon Jong Shin’s agency?

A: “I considered a lot while working on my eighth album. Producing myself for two albums was a great learning experience, but it was hard, too. There was a limit to what I could do by myself. I was in need of a good producer, and coincidentally, Yoon Jong Shin contacted me. At first I wasn’t sure. Mystic89 isn’t an agency that represents idols, or indie music.  But I think it turned out, as the agency can portray both.”

Q: How is working with Yoon Jong Shin?

A: “As you might know from the songs, the lyrics are of a chill love relationship. Even when I’m singing, the way I sing is kind of flirty. To bring out the correct style, he told me to go to some clubs, because I was singing too ‘nicely’ and it was sounding awkward.” 

Q: Are you worried about the ranking of your single?

A: “If I said I wasn’t, it would be a lie. The industry has changed a lot since 2003, and it’s hard now. The rapidly changing music trends and sites are a little frightening. People say that after working with Primary their records always do well, but I’m afraid I’m going to break that streak.” 

Q: If you are in the waiting rooms at a music program, you might now be the oldest.

A: “When I was there last time, I was second oldest after In Sooni. I debuted really young, and it’s not all that bad getting greeted by younger singers.”

Q: What did you do while preparing your new album?

A: “To the beginning of this year, I appeared on the KBS sitcom “Shut Up Family.” There are actually more people that don’t know about this. It’s been two years since my last album, but I also appeared in the drama “Goodbye Dear Wife” and the variety show “Opera Star.” 

Q: You’re one of the original female singers who debuted really young. How does it feel now seeing all the new young singers?

A: “It’s definitely a lot different from when I started. The system is different, but the mindset of the new singers seems different, too. When I debuted, I didn’t know much and you could tell I was young, but that’s now the case now. Everyone gets training, and their foundations are solid. I thought so when I saw IU.”

Q: You seem to maintain and manage yourself really well.

A: “While preparing for this album, I’ve exercised more than at any other time in my life. It was a battle of strength and stamina. I had a personal trainer with whom I trained for five months. They said he had muscles that even other guys have difficulty getting. I like cooking and eating, so I ate a lot while working out.”

Q: Lee Hyori and Eugene, who you met on stage a lot during your guys’ time, are both married. 

A: “I don’t feel in a hurry or worried about marriage, but I will get married eventually. I do think I should get married before I get a lot older, but I’m not exactly sure when. I suddenly got used to being lonely, and that’s really scary.”

Q: There are a lot of other solo female artists like IU, Seo In Young, and Kahi.

A: “I’m too old to be pressured by things like that. I’m just going to do what I do. IU and Seo In Young can do fresh and lovable music, and while I’m in my 30s, I want to show that I can do trendy music. I actually like that there are a lot of other female solo artist out right now.”

Q: It’s already been 16 years since you debuted.

A: “There have been a lot of happenings since then in the entertainment world. You might say that I’ve experienced all four seasons of it. Sixteen years is half of my life, and in that time, I’ve been affected by rumors, and there have been good times, too.  Now, I have some confidence in my experience.”

 Park Ji Yoon has shown good results with her comeback , topping eight online music charts. What more good news is that we can soon expect a new album in the winter from this singer!

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