Krystal Donates Quality Beef to Leukemia Patients on Her Birthday

Krystal of f(x) has proved that she does not only receive love, but also shares it.

On October 24, which also happens to be her birthday, the idol donated 30 kilograms (~66 pounds, approximately 150 servings) of high quality Hanwoo beef to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation. She personally requested it to be delivered by the same company that her fans used on October 7, when they donated a rice wreath to SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Heirs.”

The beef was originally gifted to Krystal by her supporting fans. The wreath was decorated with various messages such as “We were not sure what Bo Na would like, so we prepared Hanwoo” and “Appearance heir, abs heir, glamour heir, the multi-talent heir” along with a large picture of the star.

This is not the first time Krystal has given back to the community. While promoting MBC’s hit sitcom “High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Leg” back in 2011, her fans gifted her a rice wreath, which she further donated to a child welfare center. 

The birthday girl is currently acting in SBS’ drama “The Heirs,” and is gaining attention for playing the role of Lee Bo Na, the heiress of Mega Entertainment.