Teen Top and Their Dogs Are “Lovefools” in “Real Self” Music Video

Idol group Teen Top released their goofy “Real Self” music video for their latest song “Lovefool” through their official YouTube channel.

A “Real Self” music video is a video that shows the real selves of the members.  This music video has no fancy camera work, special effects, and decorated rooms. Instead, the video shows the members goofing around with each other and their equally adorable dogs (Kkangkkangee and Dust) in their apartment. The Teen Top members were the in control of the entire video and the end credits show Niel as the camera director, Chunji as the sound director, Cap as the martial arts director, Ricky as the lighting director, L.Joe as the publicist, and Changjo as the organizer.

“Lovefool” is the new track in the “Teen Top Class” repackage album that was released today. The official music video will be released very soon.